The Zellners of Birmingham, Alabama, USA and associated families
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Zellners & Magers
Zellners & Magers
This site is maintained by Joseph Martin Zellner, the son of George Joseph Zellner, Jr. and Rita Anne Ehrhardt, husband of Gianna (Bortolotti) Reilly. I have been researching family history since 1997. Primary surnames include BIPPUS, BORTOLOTTI, CANCEL, EHRHARDT, EICHENLAUB, ENGERT, FRITZMANN, FUHRMAN, FUß (FUSS, FUHS), GUADALUPE, GOETZ, GRIMM, HARNISHFEGER (HARNISCHFEGER), HESS, KELLER, MAGER, MEY, MONTAG, SCHÖFFEL (SCHAEFFEL, SCHEFFEL), SEIKEL, SIMON, STEETS (STEETZ, STETTS), VOLLMER, WEGMANN, and ZELLNER (ZÖELLNER).

Regions include Switzerland, Germany (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, and Rhineland-Palatinate), Italy (Vistrorio and Vidracco, Turin, Piedmont area), New Jersey (Primarily Essex and Union Counties), Illinois (Cook County), Pennsylvania (Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties), and Puerto Rico (Barceloneta). Much of my German research centers on the villages of Zepfenhan and Neukirch in the former Kingdom of Württemberg, and Gossersweiler-Stein in Rhineland-Palatinate.


Facts cannot be copyrighted. Unsourced data can rarely considered reliable. I would ask that you cite these pages as a source if you incorporate any of this information into your own database.

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Although I have never heard of an instance of identity theft that resulted from a genealogy Web site, I respect every individual's right to privacy, and try to conform to "best practices" standards for the protection of personal information.

No private information, including birth dates and photographs, on individuals known or likely to be living is intentionally made available to the public via this Web site. Registered users (generally, family members who are included or will soon be included in the genealogy database) do have access to this information.

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