Das Mager-Buch

The Mager-Book: History of a Family over Four Centuries

Supplement to the "Mager Book" 1935

by Dr. Edwart Mager
Freiburg-im-Breisgau, 1972
pp. 65-67


The "Descent" of the Eichstaett and Furtwangen Magers from Charlemagne


As mentioned elsewhere, a line of ascent has been established from Antonie Boessl (mother of the Eichstaett Mager brothers Eduard and Johann) all the way back to Charlemagne, and even a couple of generations further, thanks to the cooperation of Carl von Adrian;  from daughter/son to mother/father.  In this case, rather than speaking of a "line of inheritance" it is better to speak of a "line of descent,"  since in this case the great emperor, from whom thousands of descendants are known, wouldn't properly be designated the father of the line(41a).  Still, it is indeed a complete row through various ancestor groups which leads us to him.  Descendants from the Charlemagne line are to be found in many (mostly nobility) families;  For the most part they can be determined using the work of Professor E. Brandenburg, "The Descendants of Charlemagne" (Leipzig, 1935) (42).

According to this line, Edwart Mager designed and had made a line of portraitures made by the respected Freiburg painter and graphic artist, Bruno Schley.  The pictures are in order following from ancestor to son/daughter.  Naturally, only a very few of them are true portraits, since there are no original portraits available for most of those represented.  Rather, they are stylized, using expressions and clothing appropriate to the time period of each.  When documents with portraits were available, naturally they were used.  For example, the picture of the mustachioed emperor is drawn from the known horseman statue in the Cluny Museum in Paris.  Names, birth and death dates, and spouses of those represented are given with each portrait, when available.  The pictures, done in 2-color printing,  along with blank pages for the children, come in small loose-leaf folders;  they can also be pasted onto poster board or into an album, or they can be joined together side by side, and folded into a leporello strip (translator's note: like a roadmap or paper dolls), etc.

(Footnote 41a) The descendants of Charlemagne alive today, by careful reckoning, is about one million!

(Footnote 42) Going further, even more comprehensive, and divided into the respective ancestral clans, is the work by E. Winkhaus, "Ancestors of Charlemagne and Widukind."  Selbstverlag, Ennepetal, Westphalia, 1930, 100 pages;  Supplemented Edition 1953, 118 pages. (Translator's note:  Widukind was the leader of the Saxons in northern Germany, who fought for years against the occupation of Saxony by the Franks (led by Charlemagne)).

Page 66

The picture series begins in the past, with the oldest known of Charlemagne's ancestors. In order to begin with the most recent descendants, the list below is the opposite, so that the next one in sequence is the father or mother of the one shown:


  1. a) Mager F. X. Eduard, Eichstaett 1843-1910

      b) Mager Johann Baptist, Furtwangen 1864-1945

  2. Boessl, Antonia 1823-1867

  3. von Andrian, Eleonore 1786-1826

  4. von Andrian, Mac Karl 1760-1839

  5. von Andrian, Josef Ferdinand 1724-1802

  6. von Andrian, Franz Karl Josef 1690-1753

  7. von Teuffenbach, Franziska Elisabeth 1719

  8. von Teuffenbach, Otto Friedrich  died 1688

  9. von Puchheim-Goellersdorf, Anna Susanna 1590-1641

10. von Oettingen, Countess Margarete 1550-1599

11. von Oettingen, Count Ludwig XVI. 1506-1569

12. von Hohenzollern, Countess Marie Salome 1497-1548

13. von Hohenzollern-Brandenburg, Magdalena 1450-1496

14. von Hohenzollern-Brandenburg, Margrave Friedrich the Fat  died 1463

15. von Hohenzollern-Brandenburg, Elector Friedrich I. 1372-1440

16. von Meissen-Thueringen, Elisabeth 1329-1375

17. von Meissen, Margrave Friedrich 1310-1349

18. von Meissen, Margrave Friedrich the Elder. 1257-1323

19. von Hohenstaufen, Princess Margarete 1237-1270

20. von Hohenstaufen, Friedrich II., German Emperor 1194-1250

21. von Hohenstaufen, Heinrich VI., German Emperor 1165-1197

22. von Hohenstaufen, Friedrich I., "Barbarossa," German Emperpr 122-1190

23. von Hohenstaufen, Friedrich II.  Duke of Swabia 1090-1147

24. von Schwaben, Heinrich IV. German Emperor 1050-1106

25. Agnes, Princess of Germany

26. Heinrich III., German Emperor 1017-1056

27. von Schwaben,  Gisela 999-1043, Consort of Emperor Konrad II.

28. von Burgund, Gerberga 976-1016 or later.

29. Mathilde, Carolingian, Consort of King Konrad of Burgundy

30. Ludwig from Overseas, King of the Western Franks 921-954

31. Karl the Simple, Carolingian, 879-929

32. Ludwig the Stammerer, King of the Wesern Franks 846-879

33. Karl the Bald, King of the Western Franks 823-877

34. Ludwig the Pious, German Emperor 778-840

35. Charlemagne, King of the Franks, German Emperor 742-814

36. Pipin the Short, King of the Franks 715-768

37. Karl Martell, Majordomo, King of the Franks 676-741

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38. Ansegisel (Anesigil), Regent of Austrasia  born 632

39. Arnulf, Majordomo in Franconia, Bishop of Metz 582-641

40. Pipin I. Majordomo in Austrasia  born 639

41. Karlmann, Frankish nobleman, around 600 

(Drawing) Cover Emblem from a written work by Martin Mager of Schömberg. Dillingen, 1583.

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