Das Mager-Buch

The Mager-Book: History of a Family over Four Centuries

Supplement to the "Mager Book" 1935

by Dr. Edwart Mager
Freiburg-im-Breisgau, 1972
pp. 60 - 64

Family Reunions - Family Celebrations

Since the first "Mager Reunions" in Munich in 1926, and in Rottweil/Zepfenhan in 1930, clan members and individual families have gotten together on several occassions for get-togethers both small and large.  The details of the first two just mentioned are reported in the 1935 'Mager Book.'  Since only a small group of participants of the Munich gathering is shown in the picture in that book,  a picture is given here which shows all 29 participants of the reception banquet.  The photos made at that time

(Photo) We see here,  in each case beginning at the left (individuals' ages at time of photo given in parentheses), in the back row (standing):  Mathilde Scherzer, Munich (64), Lehrer Strauss, Munich, Emma Wagner, Munich (33), Oskar Scherzer, Munich (53), Marie Mager, nee Margraf, Arnstadt (33), Luise Wagner, Munich (46), Dr. Edwart Mager, Freiburg (33), Paula Mager, nee Wiedenmann, Munich (31), Dr. Raimund Mager, Munich (32), Dr. Franz Xaver Mager, Kirchheim(near Wurzburg) (29), Gertrud Mager, Munich (15), Sophie Mager, Aschaffenburg (22), Else Mager, nee Salger, Bremen (28), Anna Mager, nee Westermayer, Munich (61), Gabriele Mager, Munich (15), Karl Friedrich Mager, Walldorf (34), Pauline Mager, Augsburg-Westheim (66), Fanny Mahler, Augsburg (42).  Front row (seated):  Marie Mager, nee Gardill, Munich (59), Dr. Bartholomaeus Mager, Arnstadt (43), Carl Mager, Munich (49), Caecilia Mager, nee Kaiser, Furtwangen (52), Johann Baptist Mager, Furtwangen (62), Josef Mager, Munich (57), Hermann Mager, Munich (54), Julie Mager, nee Gardill, Eichstaett (57);  Sitting in front:  Albrecht Mager, Arnstadt (8), Otward Mager, Freiburg (4), Else Salger, Bremen (7). 

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are already fading, having come through the war.  The majority of the pictures from that time are no longer around. 

The third Mager Reunion occurred in 1935, also in Rottweil and Zepfenhan.  The main event at the banquet was the presentation of the hot-off-the-press "Mager Book."  Specialist lectures and musical and poetic presentations were again woven amongst the many hours of happy conversation.  During the day the participants were greeted in Zepfenhan with music playing.  Escorted by the mayor, they toured Mager ancestral homes, the cemetery, and the church.  After the noon meal at the hotel "Mohren" in Rottweil, numerous local members of the family showed up.  Josef Mager of Munich had written and rehearsed a short skit, which was very nicely performed by a few of the Mager youngsters.  Other details of these and later Mager reunions can be found in the "Mager-Blatt" editions of the time. 

(Photo) A group at the Deißlingen  Mager Reunion, 1956. Front (left to right):  Emilie M., Schwabisch Gmund;  Arnold M., Deisslingen;  Agnes M., nee Rothacker, Deisslingen.   Back row (standing, from left):  Luitgard M.,  Furtwangen;  Dr. Hans Erich M., Lahr;  Marie Luise M., nee Ungewitter, Freiburg;  Inge Storz, Deisslingen;  Tosina M., nee Mueller, Eichstaett;  Gertrud M., Furtwangen;  Johanna Herzog, nee Mager, Tennenbronn;  Gerda M., nee Wehrmann (behind, half covered);  Hildegard Wuerthner, Deisslingen;  (next, half covered) Mayor Albert M., Zimmern-by-Rottweil;  Hans Wuerthner, Deisslingen;  Emil Krezer, Deisslingen (behind);  Rita M.,  Furtwangen;  Ursula M., Freiburg;  Viktor M., Deisslingen;  (unrecognized person behind);  August M., Schramberg;  Rolf Storz, Deisslingen.

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Then came the damnable war . . . !  21 years after the third reunion the fourth was finally able to take place, in September 1956.  The suggestion for it came from a few of the young members of the family from Deisslingen, who then arranged the event.  It was an auditorium-filling "volksfest" with musical offerings, speeches, and pictures.  During the day (it was coincidentally the anniversary of the death of Erwin Mager, who died on September 9, 1944) the Archivist laid a wreath, with Edwins name on it, on the war memorial at the cemetery in memory of all those who have fallen, as an urgent plea for the preservation of peace.  After a communal noon meal shared by most of the participants, a few more hours of fellowship were passed near Zepfenhan.

Even better in number of participants and presentations, the 4th Mager Reunion occurred in September, 1960.  It took place in teh "Mager Village" of Zimmern-by-Rottweil.  At the call of the worthy and busy Mayor Albert Mager, a productive family researcher in his own right, the many "clan guests" joined the hundred or so villagers belonging to the clan, most of whom also carry the name Mager.  Once again the cheerful comraderie was enhanced by speeches, music, and stage productions - including a group of the famous Rottweil Jesters.  On the following morning the Mayor paid tribute at the cemetery to the 28 Mager war dead of both world wars;  afterward there was a tour of the  greater village with its examplary community facilities.  For the occassion a skillful metal worker had made charming souvenir pins and colorful wall plates, both with the Mager Crest on them. 

Each of the reunions (Rottweil, Deisslingen, and Zimmern) made headlines in the regional daily papers, with detailed descriptions and tributes(41).

For reasons of  local conditions the sixth reunion took place in Eichstaett on August 21, 1965 "out of the public eye," but was none the less enjoyable.  It opened with a one hundred year old Mager Clock chiming eight o'clock!  It occurred in the small banquet hall of the Herzog Brewery, nearly wall against wall with the (admittedly completely re-built in the interim) house of the "Haferlbraeu" in which Johann Baptist Mager made his home in the 1850s. 

About 60 participants showed up, most clan members from Bavaria, though Furtwangen, Deisslingen, and Schoemberg were a;sp represented.  A joy for all was the presence of r members of the Sanremo Mager family, who later also visited Wissenburg and Munich.  An the following day, after the communal noon meal, Edwart Mager showed a number of interesting archives - documents, letters, pictures, clocks, and exhibited the recently finished

(Footnote 41)  As in the "Black Forest Messenger,"  Oberndorf-on-Neckar,, September 10, 1956, and September 27, 1960;  "Black Forest Folk Friend," Rottweil, September 27, 1960;  "Neckar Source,"  Schwenningen-on-Neckar, September, 1956.

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(Photo) Participants of the Mager Reunion in Eichstaett, 1965.  (Photo by Bernhard Mager of Schramberg) Upper row, from left:  Heinrich M., Hamburg, Roswitha, Max and Inge Gardill, Rosa and Thekla Zemsch, Waldershof, Kurt M., Deisslingen, in front of him Marie Luise M., nee Ungewitter, Freiburg;  Jutta Lell, nee. M., Sabina Voelker, Dr. Anton Obert, AAlen, Ise M., Sturrgart, Bernhard M., Aschaffenburg, Manfred Gardill, Wilfried M., Katzwang, Dr. Heinrich M., Stuttgart, Dr. Albrecht M., Rodenbach, Ilse Voelker, nee M., Coburg, August M., Schramberg, Uta Voelker, Engelbert M., Friedrichshall, Diethart M., Stuttgart  -  Next row (from left):  Friedrich M., Munich, Dr. Raimund M., Munich, Mechtild M., nee Knebel, Giovanna M., nee Rossi, Dr. Gustavo M., Sanremo, behind them Wilfried M., Katzwang, Alessandro M., Sanremo; Marianne M., nee Wirl with child Annette, Hermann M., Weissenburg/Bavaria, Else M., nee Salger, Dr. Gabriele Ress, nee Mager, Dr. Edwart M., Freiburg, Otward Voelker, Coburg  -  Front (children):  Luitgard and Johannes M., Aschaffenburg, Johannes, Georg and Monika Lell.

illustrated "lines of descent." (comparable to page 65).  Through the afternoon and into the evening a small crowd of participants remained together in camaraderie.

But also birthdays, weddings, jubilees and similar occassions brought larger groups of clan members together especially in the years after the war.  For example, the Golden Jubilee of Father Otto Mager of Eichstaett in 1947, and the eightieth birthday of Josef Mager of Munich in 1949.  These were the last get-togethers of the Eichstaett siblings, who departed one after the other in the following years.

Further mention should be made of other examples of family get-togethers:  the wedding of Julie Mager and Franz Storz in Deisslingen, 1931, and that of Johanna Mager and Lorenz Herzog in Furtwangen, 1936, which brought together an impressive number of family members and other guests.  The Clan Archives include a number of group photos from both.

As far as Mager reunions in miniature, the enjoyable hours may well be mentioned of when the Archivist was able to spend time with the circle of relatives in America in 1953 (see picture on page 18) - a visit that would be repeated by Dr. Albrecht Mager in 1962 and 1968;  further is the gathering (photo page 44) of the 4 sons, 2 daughters, and 13 grandchildren who flocked around their mother and grandmother, Erna Mager (nee Diehr), in 1966 in Freiburg (unfortunately Grandfather Friedrich had died 3 years prior).  The gathering of 12 people in one family for the Golden Wedding Annversary of the Archivist in March of 1971 may also be mentioned here.  May the feeling of belonging be preserved in future generations!

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