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51 "Christine's New York City death certificate reports that she was born in New York City, but there is convincing evidence that the person who provided this information was misinformed about her actual birthplace."

"Following the death of her husband, Jacob, about 1875, Christina Schaefer Zotz sent Elizabeth Zotz and three siblings, Mary Anna, Christina, and John to live with her sister and brother-in-law, residents of a small city in Illinois."

https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/37364484/person/19850612362/facts (William Herbert Wilken; wilkenw)
Schaefer, Christina (I67293)
52 "Daddy graduated from Villanova University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1954 [Editor's note: It was actually 1953]. He then served 39 months in the Navy as an engineering duty officer in Charleston, S.C., and Groton, Conn. In 1960, he was an electrical engineer with the Westinghouse Special Atomic Project in Pittsburgh. In 1968, he took a job with General Electric and relocated his family to the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa. He was laid off from GE around May 1971 (Mom thinks because a government contract dried up???) and went back to southwestern PA to work for Westinghouse, coming home on the weekends. The whole family moved out in August 1971 so the big kids could start school on time." -Susan Zellner

While in the Navy, worked on the first refueling of the USS Nautilus, the first nuclear powered submarine, at the Electric Boat yard in Groton, Connecticut, February 1957. Also worked on the USS Skate and the USS Skipjack.

Held several patents. Developed gas-cooled thermocouple with his friend Phil Blau.

Spent first three years of marriage in England, where he worked on Britain's first nuclear submarine, the Dreadnought. First two daughters were born there. Upon returning to Pittsburgh in 1963, worked for the Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory, where he helped design and test the propulsion system for a nuclear powered spacecraft intended for a Mars mission.

Worked at the Westinghouse Walt Mill Site (Madison, PA) in the Advanced Reactors Division from 1971-76. The Clinch River breeder reactor was among his projects.
Zellner, George Joseph Jr. (I1)
53 "Das Mager-Buch" lists Franziska's death date as 12 January 1856. Mager, Franziska (I1120)
54 "Das Mager-Buch" lists her birth date as 6 August 1822. Grimm, Karolina (I1013)
55 "Das Mager-Buch" lists his birth date as May 15, 1804. Mager, Stanislaus Xaver (I610)
56 "Das Mager-Buch" lists Johann's death date as 9 January 1854. Mager, Johannes (I1138)
57 "Das Mager-Buch" lists Ottmar's death date as 12 January 12 1856. Mager, Ottmar (I1123)
58 "Das Mager-Buch" lists Sebastian's death date as 12 October 1812. Mager, Sebastian (I615)
59 "Das Mager-Buch" lists the birth date as 29 June 1816. Mager, Leonarda (I617)
60 "Das Mager-Buch" spells her name "Kreszentia" Grimm, Krescenzia (I1018)
61 "Das Mager-Buch" spells his name "Ottmar". Mager, Othmar (I607)
62 "Dimissoriale am 13.02.1859" Family F2219
63 "Eintrag bezüglich der Verehelichung nicht zu entziffern" (Entry regarding the marriage indecipherable) Grimm, Franziska (I20642)
64 "Eldest son Jacob Rieber died just seven months after his mother, Elizabeth (Schumacher) Rieber on Oct. 15, 1916. Jacob was a painter and Civil War veteran who had been married to Theresa Gottschlich on July 15, 1868. They had six children. At some point, Theresa died. He remarried to Maggie Bond, but apparently had no children with Maggie, who died in 1923. " Rieber, Jacob (I8424)
65 "Eltern und Kinder wurden am 13. 02. 1905 für tot erklärt" (Parents and children were declared dead on February 13, 1905) Sauter, August (I2656)
66 "Eltern und Kinder wurden am 13. 02. 1905 für tot erklärt" (Parents and children were declared dead on February 13, 1905) Seng, Regina (I4729)
67 "Eltern und Kinder wurden am 13. 02. 1905 für tot erklärt" (Parents and children were declared dead on February 13, 1905) Sauter, Elisabeth (I4734)
68 "Eltern und Kinder wurden am 13. 02. 1905 für tot erklärt" (Parents and children were declared dead on February 13, 1905) Sauter, Cäcilia (I4735)
69 "Er wurde durch ein Messer von Anton Wegmann, seinem Kumpel, auf dem Lindelbrunnerhof aus Anlass eines Disputs, erstochen."
(His buddy Anton Wegmann stabbed him with a knife during a dispute at the Lindelbrunnerhof.)
Rieber, Johannes (I33144)
70 "Fitter" in Zurich. Langenegger, Isodor (I1622)
71 "Foreigner guide" (translator?) in Bremen. Mager, Hermann Josef (I1586)
72 "Frances Mina Dawson was born on Easter Sunday and died on Thanksgiving Day. Her parents, Frank and Hazel Dawson, lived at 1512 E Michigan Street in Evansville when Frances was born at 2:55 p.m. on April 4, 1915. Dr. Macer delivered her at 9 pounds with Frances' grandmother, Fannie Koenig, acting as nurse. Her first name likely was drawn from her father's Frank and her middle name came from Frank's mother, Ermina. Grandma Koenig discovered Frances' first tooth at 5 months, according to a baby book kept by Frances' mother, Hazel. Her second tooth came in a couple of weeks later and was discovered by her father. She was christened at Mount Olivet Church. At about 6 months, Frances said her first words, "Da Da" and "Mom Mom". By 9 months, she was saying, "Bye Bye" and "No No". She took her first steps Jan. 22, 1916, to her Aunt Lillian, Hazel's sister. At some point when Frances was quite young, Frank Dawson left for the store and never came back. The family never knew what became of him. "It was rumored that Frank Dawson joined the army during WW I,'' wrote Frances' cousin, Jim Myers, in a 1999 letter. "Letters to the War Department was (sic) to no avail. No one as far as we know ever heard from him." In the baby book, sponsored by Borden, a milk company, there's another entry: "On 10 of November 1930, she got a new daddy. Daddy Frank Kennedy." Frank Kennedy was a railroad man who lived in San Francisco. He took good care of Hazel, but Frances was pretty far along in her schooling and stayed in Evansville with Grandma Koenig ("Bappy") and "Aunty" Lillian. Frances often visited California on the railroad, especially for summers. As a birthday present in 1926, "Aunty and Grandmother" presented Frances with a bible that she used to record much family history in subsequent years. At Central High School in Evansville, she began dating Paul Walsh, but Paul's older brother, Jack, took a liking to Frances and they became a couple. After high school, Frances studied at Evansville College to earn a teaching certificate. Frances still made trips to California on the train, and once had a screen test with a movie studio. With Jack slow to commit, she accept an engagement ring in the summer of 1935 from Ed Gorman of San Jose. It didn't take long after that for Jack to see the light and propose on his own. Jack and Frances were married June 14, 1936 at St. Lucas Church by the Rev. Armin Haeussler. With Jack in World War II, daughter Janet Lynne was born in 1943. Frances had gone to stay at 310 E. Michigan with her mother, aunt and Grandma Koenig. After Jack returned from the war, a second child soon was on the way. Cheryl Suzanne was born in 1947. Frances briefly taught at Delaware School from April 11-June 8 in 1951 on a temporary assignment. In 1953, after Cheryl started school, Frances became a homebound teacher for students with special needs until she retired June 8, 1977. Frances carefully arranged her teaching schedule so she could be home when Janet and Cheryl got back from school, but she took great pride in her work as a "teacher on wheels." "At times I become very disgusted with some adults and their petty complaints," she told the Evansville Press in a 1965 article. "Compared with most of the children I work with, many of these people just don't have serious problems." Frances' mother, Hazel, died June 6, 1966, and they sold the 310 E. Michigan house Nov. 30, 1967. Frances realized a dream in 1966 when she got to travel to Europe. She and Jack chaperoned a school trip and took daughter Cheryl, then in college. Janet couldn't go because she was pregnant with Jack and Frances' first grandchild. On Nov. 20, 1976, she and Jack got an early morning surprise when a driver had a seizure and her car became airborne in their front yard and landed in their dining room. Frances died early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23, 2000. She was buried Nov. 25 with Jack in a mausoleum at Oak Hill Cemetery."
(Mike Stephenson)
Evansville Courier & Press [Evansville, Ind] 24 Nov 2000: B4.

Frances Walsh

Frances M. Walsh, 85, died Thursday, Nov. 23, 2000, at Evansville Protestant Home.

She was a Homebound Teacher for the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp., and taught children with special needs in their homes for 26 years.

She was a member of St. Lucas United Church of Christ, where she served on the church council, was a member of the Women's Guild and a was 67-year member of Friendship Class. She also volunteered for the Visitor's and Convention Center and was a member of the Friends of the Library.

Surviving are two daughters, Janet Baize of Evansville and Cheryl Lucas of Columbus, Ind.; five grandchildren, Jennifer and Jill Lucas and Michael, Brett and Jon Stephenson; and a great-granddaughter. Her husband, John P. "Jack," died in 1995.

Services will be at 3 p.m. Saturday at Alexander Funeral Home North Chapel, with entombment in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Friends may call from 3 to 7 p.m. today and from 1 p.m. to service time at the funeral home.
Memorial contributions may be made to the St. Lucas United Church of Christ organ fund. 
Dawson, Frances Mina (I22373)
73 "Frank was a young father who vanished without a trace. Frank was the son of Albert Gilmore and Ermina (Loney) Dawson in Spencer County, Ind. He married Hazel Koenig June 10, 1914 in Evansville, Ind. The next April they had a daughter.Frances Mina Dawson was born on Easter Sunday. The family lived at 1512 E Michigan Street in Evansville when Frances was born at 2:55 p.m. on April 4, 1915. Her first name likely was drawn from her father's Frank and her middle name came from Frank's mother, Ermina.At some point when Frances was quite young, Frank Dawson left for the store and never came back. The family never knew what became of him. "It was rumored that Frank Dawson joined the army during WW I,'' wrote Frances' cousin, Jim Myers, in a 1999 letter. "Letters to the War Department was (sic) to no avail. No one as far as we know ever heard from him.""
(Mike Stephenson) 
Dawson, Frank Herbert (I22374)
74 "Goods manager" in Wildeck bei Gößlingen. Ruoff, Hans Peter (I764)
75 "He was born Peter Mark Schirmer, but changed to George because it was his grandfather's name." Schirmer, Peter George (I5971)
76 "He was living in Flushing NY when he died [during] open heart sugery. Lived most of his life in Kingston NY. Worked on the tug boats on the river." Kain, Leo (I29313)
77 "Israel Burket and His Descendants"
Israel Burket emigrated to America in 1751 from Germany on the ship Edinburgh and settled first in District Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1755, in Bedford Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania in 1772 and finally in what would later be Shade Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania in 1776. He and his wife Anna Maria Barbara had 7 children; Christopher born in 1747, Jacob, George born 16 August 1755 in District Township, Catherine, Mary, Margaret and Barbara.

" The History of Israel Burket and his Descendants" by Susan Holley Jackman, 1999 http://www.rootsweb.com/~pasomers/bios/isreal.htm
Burchart is the way the name is spelled on the ship's passenger list taken 1751 when the ship " Edinburgh" out of Rotterdam, Netherlands arrived in Pennsylvania. Other various spellings of this German name are Burket; Burkett; Burchert; Burkhard; Burkhart etc. The German meaning is "hard or firm mountain". Also on this ship were several Millers, Wagners, and Groffs, the names of the other settlers on land next to Israel's in Somerset Co. PA. A Groff was administrator of Israel's will. [Source, Website of Susan Holley Jackman, 100 Crossing Way, Folsom, Ca. 95630, (916) 983-5118] "The History of Israel Burket And His Descendants".]
In 1755 Israel acquired a warrant for land in Earl Tsp., Berks Co. Pa. [Original Warrants, Berks Co., page 4, #64, Family History Library film # 1003195. [Source, Susan Jackman]
16 Aug 1755 District Tsp. (later Pike) George Sr. was born to Israel and (Anna) Maria Barbara."Berks Co. Church Records of the 18th Century", Vol 2, p.2 [Source, Susan Jackman]
Israel shows up on all the tax records in District Tsp. between 1756 and 1760. [FHL film # 0385040] In 1772 Israel was taxed in Bedford TSp, Bedford Co., PA. on 100 acres of land, 2 horses and 2 cows. "History of Bedford and Somerset and Fulton Counties, Waterman & Watkins & Co., Pub. 1884, page 67. [FHL, book 974.87H2w] Fifteen of those acres were improved which means that he had cleared trees and planted 15 of the 100 acres. At this time the area was sparsely populated. [Source, Susan Jackman]
1774 Israel on a Bedford County Civil Court Docket for the July term. "Cornelius McAulay versus Israel Burket, debt. [St. Clair's Bedford, Vol. IV, p. 13, F.H.L., book 974.871H25s]
B y the Rev. War Israel was settled across the Alleghenny mountains near his son Christopher in what had been BrothersValley Tsp., but had now become Quemahoning Tsp. Later the township was divided and Israel's land was in Stonycreek Tsp. then divided again in 1816 and Israel's land became part of Shade Tsp. [Somerset Co. Outline, p.133, FHL, book 974.879h2c. [Source, Susan Jackman]
Israel Burket is buried by his wife in the Daly Cem. in Shade Tsp. (then Stonycreek), Somerset Co. The cem. is also called Potts Cemetery. It is located 4 1/2 miles east of Central City on the Lambert Mountain Road. It's about 7 miles east of Israel's farm. Also buried there are Christopher Burket (Israel's oldest son) and a much later Israel Burket 1816-1866 who is the grandson of Christopher & great grandson of Israel Burket. [Source, Susan Holley Jackman]
Burket, Israel (I21718)
78 "Jack was a Flight Officer in the U.S. Army Air Forces
857th Bomber Squadron, 492nd Bomber Group.

He entered the service from California.
He was awarded the Air Medal." 
Bliss, Jack Melvin (I33662)
79 "Johann Mueller had a liquor store or inn in San Francisco, called "July." After the earthquake of 1906 all official papers were gone and Anna Conens had to confirm the birthdate of his son Jacob. Jacob was the only surviving child of Johann Mueller and July Mager." Mueller, John (I20394)
80 "John filed a Declaration for Naturalization 19 Nov !874, but papers show him sworn in the Court of Common Pleas 28 aug 1876,witness was H.S. Spiesman of Erie Co.
John and Caroline resided on 3rd Ave. in Union City, Pa. for many years where he conducted a brewery. He was also a Pa. Railroad employee.was a watchman at the crossing in Union City at the time of his retirement.
John and Caroline celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary 17 Oct 1926, in Union City, PA." (familytreemaker, Kathleen M. Paparelli)
Wager, John (I14521)
81 "John Nestor Hill changed his name from Juho Nestari Hirsimaki after arriving in the USA" (Brian Hill) Hill, John Nestor (I14314)
82 "Joseph Ogle, son of Thomas and Mary (Crawford) Ogle, married Sarah
Winters, with whom he migrated to Frederickstown, Maryland, about 1746. He was
commissioned a justice of the peace by his kinsman, Governor Samuel Ogle, when
Frederick was organized as a county of Maryland in 1748, and by virtue of that
office was a member of the first county court of Frederick county. He had seen
military service, and in the court records and elsewhere in the history of those
days is called Major and sometimes Colonel Joseph Ogle. He owned lands on Owen
Creek, Frederick county, Maryland, aggregating about five thousand acres. He
was father by his first wife, Sarah, to seven sons and three daughters. His
first child was named John." 
Ogle, Joseph (I10883)
83 "Kobus Leesman, Jr., was born in Germany, January 16, 1837, the second of eight children of Kobus and Moder Leesman.

Early in the year of 1857 the parents with their children, five sons and two daughters, came to the United States and lived two years in Menard County, Illinois. They then moved to Logan County, where they lived four years on the Moses Rothschild farm. The mother died in 1878, and the father in 1881. Of the children living, save our subject, Hey lives in McLean County; Henry, in Iowa; Mary, in Missouri; Brown, in this township, Eilet [Eilert], in East Lincoln Township, and Ann [Anna], in the State of Missouri.

Kobus Leesman, Jr., lived with his parents till his marriage, Christmas day, 1858, to Renie Siefkes, also a native of Germany.

The first home owned by Mr. Leesman was a farm of eighty acres on section 17, where he lived four years. In March, 1869, he bought his present farm of 240 acres on section 9. He also owns 160 acres of improved land in Orvil Township. His resdence is on elevated ground, and has a tine view of the surrounding country. His building improvements are all substantial and in good repair. He is one of the active, progressive citizens of the township, and takes an interest in all that tends to the improvement of his county. He has been identified in politics with the Republican party. In the spring of 1878 Mr. Leesman's wife died, leaving eight children - Mrs. Ida Jackson, of this township; Henry and Hey, on their father's farm in Orvil Township; John, Brown, Christine, Mino and Rudolph. Mr. Leesman's present wife was Amelia Backer [Hecht], daughter of Nicholas Backer. To them have been born four children - Louis, Kate and Minnie (twins), and Amelia. Mr. Leesman and his family are attendants at the Zion's Lutheran Church." 
Leesman, Jacobus Jr. (I46239)
84 "Lee"

Age 69. Passed away Friday, August 15, 2008 at the Joliet Area Community Hospice Home. A United States Army veteran. He was a member Teamsters Local #731 employed at Seneca Petroleum, retiring after 17 years of service.

Survived by his loving wife of 25 years, Lucy of Joliet; children, Larry Ingram of Clinton, IL, Cathy (John) Hall of Mobile, AL, Charles Barga, Shawanda Barga and Robyn Ingram all of Joliet; seven grandchildren, Eric, Ticin, Angel, Alex, Nicole, Trey and Madison; two sisters, Penny (Virgil) Steinquist and Joyce (Paul) Mauraro; one brother, John (Roberta) Ingram, Sr.; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Preceded in death by his parents, Carl Ingram, Sr., and Willis and Mary Nichols; two sisters and three brothers.

Funeral Services for Lee Ingram will be Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 12:00 p.m. at the funeral home chapel. Interment Woodlawn Memorial Park. Visitation Monday 4-8 p.m. at:


3200 Black at Essington Rds., Joliet

For information: (815) 741-5500


Published in Herald News on August 17, 2008
Ingram, (Marion) Lee (I46741)
85 "Mary had 12 children,6 boys and 6 girls, the youngest were 3 year old twin girls.

Mary attended her sister, Anna Elizabeth Hoenig's funeral in January, developed pneumonia and was taken to the best doctor in the county in Myra, Texas and was told there was nothing that could be done. She was taken home where she died 6 weeks after her sister's death. The older children cared for the younger ones until their father remarried 18 months later."
Koelzer, Mary (I26665)
86 "Minnesota Highways" Newsletter

George A. Memmer, age 67, of 1967
Juliet Avenue in St. Paul, former auto
parts supervisor at Central Shop, died on
January 26. He had more than 42 years
of service with the Highway Department
when he retired in 1969 and was a
lifetime resident of St. Paul.
Survivors include his wife, Margaret,
and daughter, Mrs. William Schleck of St.
Memmer, George Alfred (I16826)
87 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2)
88 "nach Amerika ohne Verzicht auf die Bürgerrechte"
To America without renouncing citizenship 
Sauter, Mathias (I37540)
89 "Name listed as Elisabeth in death register." Ehrhardt, Apollonia (I7301)
90 "Neuwirthshaus" may be "Neuwirtshas", a tiny village near Hanau. There is also a Neuwirthshaus in modern day Bavaria within a mile or so of a town called Hainbach. Another Neuwirthshaus is fairly near Pfaffenhausen and Oberndorf in modern Bavaria.

Spelling "Neuwirtshaus" much more common than "Neuwirthshaus"

Daughter Theresa emigrated in 1853. 
Vollmer, Caspar Joseph (I494)
91 "NOTE: 2 different daughters named Noemie (Noemie Hortense and Noemie Marie) were both married to Walter S. Bernos. After the death of Noemie Hortense in 1899, Walter married her sister." (from Findagrave) Espinache, Noemie Hortense (I45103)
92 "Officially Declared Dead" Mager, Anton (I20282)
93 "Pfaffenhuffen" Reitberger, Rose C. (I23698)
94 "Philip was a member of the 1st Indiana Battery, and later of Farragut Post No. 27, G.A.R." Zahn, Philip (I17147)
95 "Pianist and Organist. Played at the Albee Theater, Lyric Theater, Palace Theater and others in Cincinnati. Played for the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Accompanied Cincinnati Ballet." Grimm, Rosalie Norma (I4437)
96 "Promoted to Full 2nd Lieutenant on 29 Oct 1864.
Enlisted in Company G, Indiana 10th Cavalry Regiment on 08 Jan 1864.
Promoted to Full 1st Lieutenant on 21 Feb 1865.
Mustered out on 31 Aug 1865 at Vicksburg, MS."
Turnham, 1st Lieutenant Thomas Richard (I18098)
97 "Protasius first filed a declaration of Intention in the State of Ohio 30 jan 1873 in Tiffin, Seneca Co. He then petitioned in Erie County Pa. 3 may 1875. The witness who signed for him was: Daniel D WESCHLER. Protasius signed a last Will & Testament on 13 Sep 1875 It was registered 27 Sep 1875 in Erie County Will Book E,page 622. Witnesses were: G.F. LUX;Wm C JACKSON; and Fritz WERNER. Protasius died within days of signing the will "
(familytreemaker.com, Kathleen M. Paparelli) 
Wager, Protasius (I14452)
98 "Records of Philip's chlidren Zadock, Michael, Adam K., Salome, and Catherine are in St. Paul's Reformed Church, Millbach, Lebanon County, PA and can be found in the Lebanon County Historical Society Libary, Cumberland Street, Lebanon, PA.

At Berks County Historical Society, Reading PA, Vol. 1 St. John's (Host) United Church of Christ CR/H831/vol. 1 p. 13 "Children which I baptized in teh Host Church (Stoy)" p. 34: Kalbach, Philipp b. 4 June 1783; baptized 22 June 1783; Parents: Adam Kalbach and wife Anna Maria; sponsors: Henrich Gruber and wife.

Philip opened a mill in 1800 at Cherrington's Hill in Mill Creek Township, Lebanon County, which was later owned by Ezekial Cherrington, his son, and his grandson.

Philip's death date is unknown. However, because many of his sons left the Lebanon/Berks County area around 1830 - 1835, that time period would be a good guess." 
Kalbaugh, Philip (I21733)
99 "She was always smiling & laughing. Her kindness & thoughtfulness was extended to friends, strangers, and acquaintances alike, through birthday and get well wishes or 'thinking of you' cards. Once you were her friend, it was for life!" This is the legacy that Mary Helen Otto (Brauner) Haindle has left. What a testament to a life well-lived! Mary Helen, age 87, passed from our presence Friday, July 31, 2015, into the well-deserved Eternal Life. Born on All Saints' Day, November 1, 1927, the third child of Rudolph A. & Helen Mary Otto, her late parents, she joined siblings Linnell O. Gaspard (Johnny), of Metairie, and her late brothers, Rudolph A., Jr., and William Otto, in their New Orleans home. Her deep and constant Catholic faith and the foundation of her life of loving all and living "The Beatitudes" was established and nurtured by her mother, Helen Mary, in Holy Rosary Church Parish. After graduating from John McDonogh (class of 1945), she worked for the George H. Lehleitner & Co., Wholesale Distributors, while she was married to the late Henry J. "Dutch" Brauner. Their marriage produced six daughters: Barbara B. Barbe' (Gerald) of Slidell; Kathleen B. Winkler (Dennis) of Spring, TX; Susan B. Landeche (David) of Madison, MS; Elizabeth Ann Brauner (deceased 1977); Mary Helen B. Fontaine (Ray, Jr.); and Janet B. Mills (Gary), both of Slidell. Mary Helen is also survived by 8 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. She married her second husband, the late George Haindle, Sr., in 1975, and moved to Luling. She worked at St. Charles Parish Assessor's Office and later as a bookkeeper for Holy Family Catholic Church. Mary Helen was committed to service and volunteerism. She was an active member, officer, and committee chair for many decades in the Ladies' Auxiliaries of the American Legion, VFW, and the Forty & Eight service organizations. Acknowledging her extraordinary community service, Mary Helen was presented with "The Order of St. Louis Medallion" by Archbishop Francis B. Schulte at St. Louis Cathedral on May 26, 1991. One of the highest lay recognitions presented by the Archdiocese of New Orleans, the Archbishop wrote, "You have been selected to receive (the medallion) in recognition of your great dedication and years of service to the Church in our Archdiocese." She and the Rev. John Finn, Pastor of Holy Family Church, established a Senior Citizen Ministry, "The Busy Bees." As its founder and long-time "Queen Bee Coordinator", Mary Helen began the second major part of her life. Mary Helen organized, planned, and coordinated service projects, events and logistics involved with the Busy Bees. She also served as Tour Escort when the group began traveling around the United States and the world. Mary Helen's legacy of community service continues through the group she helped establish, as the Busy Bees remain active today. In a 1995 article, the Times-Picayune reported, "Haindle, … proved to be a natural organizer (of)… meetings, … health-related events … and (service activities)…" Mary Helen moved from Luling to an assisted living facility in River Ridge before moving to Slidell and then Mandeville where she passed away. Relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the Funeral Mass at LAKE LAWN METAIRIE FUNERAL HOME, 5100 Pontchartrain Blvd. in New Orleans, on Monday, August 10, 2015, at 1:00PM. Interment will follow in Metairie Cemetery. A visitation will be held at the funeral home beginning at 10:00 AM. In lieu of flowers, Masses are preferred. To view and sign the guest book, visit www.lakelawnmetairie.com.
Otto, Mary Helen (I43898)
100 "Sie fiel in den Brunnen und ertrank." (She fell into the well and drowned.) Wegmann, Apollonia (I36880)

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